“Hidden Treasure No More: The Defamation Experience (DE) is no longer one of America’s hidden treasures. This was the second year we sponsored this intriguing and engaging program and they did not disappoint. The show presented multifaceted, multi-layered aspects of the microaggressions and misperceptions that still plaque our society. Yet DE delicately unwrapped these issues in ways that made it easier for the audience to be engaged in candid discussions after the play had ended. You could feel the passion in the voices of those who shared their thoughts and feelings in an environment meticulously crafted by the cast and facilitators to foster better understanding, respect and affirmation of lived experiences . In light of what is going on in our nation today, Defamation Experience is not only a ‘must see’ event, it is a ‘must experience’ event. I highly recommend it!”

Jay T. Hairston

Associate Diversity Officer and Director, Center for Inclusion, Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH