“Prior to your arrival, the Wake Forest team and I were all talking about how incredibly easy it was working with your team – your responsiveness, flexibility, and grace leading up to the event. Now that we’ve had you on our campus, I am deeply appreciative that all of those things have remained true. As I mentioned to you the other night, a colleague overheard several students talking among themselves after the show and much of the conversation was centered around them wishing for 3 things – that more people had shown up for the event, that THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE should have happened earlier in the academic year, and that they hope this experience occurs again on our campus in the future. From my perspective, I was incredibly impressed by the entire creative process, the experience overall and blown away by the rich and deep discussion that transpired post-play. In her moment of sharing gratitude for pulling the experience together, I got this kind note from the President’s Chief of Staff this morning: “I had the opportunity on Friday to meet with a set of our students who participated in the evening and they continued to debate and be actively engaged in the ideas and the complexities that the play provoked. That is a mark of success in my book!” I thought you would enjoy seeing that 2 days later, students were still discussing the experience.”

Cherise James

Associate Director of Orientation & Lower Division Programming, Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC