Our Hearts go out to everyone impacted by Covid-19. So much of everyone’s lives is beset by anxiety and uncertainty. The Defamation Experience has also been impacted. We are not currently touring live.

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The Defamation Experience - LIVE

Breaking The Barriers Of Diversity Programming

With 10 years running, THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE brings a proven interactive diversity experience to your audience. The play begins as a civil suit: Ms. Wade, an African-American business owner, is suing Mr. Golden, a wealthy real estate developer, for defamation. What follows is a 75-minute riveting trial that “holds our prejudices and assumptions under a powerful lens, and does not let go except by way of an unsettling self-examination.” 

More Than A Play

Followed by a facilitated audience discussion, your audience will engage in civil discorse led by our expert facilitators, giving them an opportunity to speak up and be heard while also listening and understanding others’ perspectives. Conversations that begin in your venue will continue for days, weeks, and even months.

Since its premier in 2010, THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE has been performed over 550 times for universities, law schools, bar associations, high schools, civic and religious organizations, and theaters across the country, where it has been seen by more than 150,000 people.

Touring Notice

Due to Covid-19, we will not be touring live through 2020.

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A Three-Phase Online & Interactive Diversity Opportunity

When race, class, religion, gender, and the law collide, a conversation begins about the most important issues of our day.

The Case

An African-American owner of a small business sues a wealthy real estate developer for defamation after she is accused of stealing his family heirloom. There is no smoking gun.

The Twist...

Your audience is the jury. Through deliberations and post-show discussions, your audience engages in civil discourse that stimulates critical dialogue and conversation.

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Summary: How It Unfolds

Riveting Courtroom Drama: Created by award-winning playwright Todd Logan, the play explores the highly charged issues of race, class, religion, gender, and the law. (75 Minutes)

Interactive Audience Deliberation: Your audience acts as the jury for the case they’ve just witnessed. (15 Minutes)

Audience Post-Show Discussion: Your audience engages in facilitated civil discourse that challenges biases and preconceived notions. (30 Minutes)

Here's The Story

Ms. Wade, an African-American small-business owner, is invited to the home Mr. Golden, a wealthy real estate developer. He seeks her help with a pro-bono project. After their meeting, he cannot find his family heirloom watch.

This scenario is the linchpin for all the twists and turns that follow in THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE, a riveting courtroom drama in which Ms. Wade and Mr. Golden again come face-to-face after she sues him for defamation in civil court.

A case without a smoking gun, THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE challenges our preconceived notions about race, class, religion, gender, and even the law. As audience members and then jurors, we learn as much or more about ourselves as we do the plaintiff and the defendant.

Tech Requirements

THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE has very minimal equipment needs to transform your theater, lecture hall, or banquet room into an actual courtroom accommodating 6 actors.


  • Set: 2 tables, 6 chairs
  • Lighting: House lights up
  • Minimum stage dimensions: 24’w x 16’d x 1’h
  • 2 Handheld microphones for audience feedback (if needed)
  • 6 wireless body mics (only if room needs amplified sound)