Legal Organizations See Lasting Conversations And Self-Examination.

Bar associations, law firms, and legal organizations like yours have used The Defamation Experience & Just Cause: The Experience as vital tools for diversity programming. Plus, hosting our programming provides you the unique opportunity to incorporate CLE credits with this theatrical experience. And now, you can bring this proven experience to your audience no matter where they’re located. Learn More

Unlike any other diversity program available, The Defamation Experience & Just Cause: The Experience offer a riveting courtroom drama, with a twist—your audience is the jury.

Our courtroom offers a familiar setting for your audience to be engaged and moved by theater while coming face-to-face with some of the most pressing issues of our time: race, class, religion, gender, and the law. These issues can skew perceptions of jurors, judges, and even someone’s own legal representation, based on conscious or unconscious bias.

Through the power of theater, our interactive diversity programming breaks barriers to self-examination allowing your audience to confront their own biases and engage in civil discourse, driving meaningful conversations that will last for days, weeks, and months.

Conversations That Matter

Watch real conversation excerpts from DefEx Online events on our Conversations That Matter page. Below, see what Amy Freeman from Nossaman had to say.

Interactive, Virtual Diversity Programming For Legal Organizations

Here's What They Have To Say

"The energy was contagious. And the reality of life's toughest topics was presented with class. They helped us truly engage in nuanced discussions about things we encounter everyday but never talk about. On all accounts, the event was a hit."

Ahmad El-Gendi

Attorney at Law, Orange County Bar Association, Orlando, FL

"I want to thank everyone at The Defamation Experience - DefEx Online was great... To continue this dialogue, I hope that we can get a little vulnerable with each other and put some of the burdens on ourselves to grow and change."

Amy Freeman

Chief Human Resources Officer
Nossaman LLP, Los Angeles, CA

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Orange County Bar Association, FL
Nossaman, LLP, CA (3 Shows)
National Association of Law Student Affairs Professionals (NALSAP)
Chicago Lincoln American Inn of Court, IL
Allegheny County Bar Association, PA
Decalogue Society of Lawyers, IL

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