Introducing Just Cause: The Experience

Just Cause: The Experience is set in the work-from-home world of the COVID-19 pandemic with backdrops like the #MeToo movement and the death of George Floyd. Your audience will engage together within a fully immersive & interactive virtual experience.

Just Cause: The Experience | Timeline | The Case: Madison Loew v. Midwest Repertory Theatre | The Deliberation | The Discussion

Here's The Story:

With the power of theater and civil discourse, Your audience will adjudicate a legal drama about an artistic director who is suing her former employer—a prestigious Chicago Theater—for breach of contract after firing her for “racial insensitivity.” The issues explored throughout the case lead into facilitated discussion about how we each view these topics in today’s society and in our own lives.

"I am truly a fan of Just Cause... The storyline and the incorporation of relevant topics and terms definitely resonated with our audience."

Halima K. McWilliams, MS, PHR, CDP
Associate Principal, Corgan, Dallas, TX

“I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation after the presentation and kept thinking about it days after viewing the production.”

Loretta Edelen
Community Engagement Director, Austin Community College, TX

“The trial was awesome! I very much enjoyed it and think our students would as well.”

Andrea Pereira
Resident Director, Newbury Hall, Office of Housing and Residence Life, Western CT State University

“This is my second time attending the experience. This is a wonderful program.”

James Sherman

Break the barriers of diversity programming —

Your organization can have robust, open & honest conversations about today’s most difficult topics:

  • Racial Insensitivity
  • Cancel Culture & Social Media
  • Incrementalism Vs. Systemic Change
  • Code Switching
  • Ageism & Sexism
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • The Value Of A Contract
  • Workplace Drama
  • Public Accountability
  • The Definition Of “Diversity”

Just Cause: The Experience builds on the proven engagement model established over 11 years running The Defamation Experience, where we’ve helped begin meaningful, long-lasting conversations at colleges & universities, law firms & bar associations, civic & religious organizations, and more.

It's an ideal solution for your diversity programming needs:

Staff training, MLK & diversity week events, first-year experiences & orientation, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits, community outreach, keynote presentations, and more.

Ready to bring this compelling, fully immersive virtual experience to your organization?

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Join our live preview event on Tuesday, September 21st.

Summary: A Brand-New Three-Phase Online & Interactive Diversity Opportunity

The experience begins with a welcome from one of our expert facilitators and an opportunity from you as co-host to make introductory remarks.

Captivating Legal Drama: A 70-minute performance of Just Cause, co-written by the creator of The Defamation Experience Todd Logan and award-winning playwright Lisa Dillman. The play explores the highly charged issues of race, class, gender, and social justice, and is specifically designed to engage attendees on the small screen within the world of Zoom.

The Case: A white artistic director sues her former employer—a prestigious Chicago theater—for reverse discrimination after she is fired for “racial insensitivity.”

Interactive Audience Deliberation: Once the judge announces she won’t be deciding the outcome, your jurors, the audience, answer a poll in favor of the plaintiff, the defendant, or undecided. They are then led through a deliberation. Promoting attendees to the panelist role and using split screens, your audience members come to life for one another.

Facilitated Post-Show Discussion — Part 1: Let’s Go Deeper: For 30 minutes, our facilitator returns to guide civil discourse that challenges biases and preconceived notions. Your audience members will be able to speak up about how they felt, how what they believed initially may have been proven right or wrong, and how their own life experiences and lenses impacted their ability as a juror.

Facilitated Post-Show Discussion — Part 2 (Optional): For the past 11 years, venues have given us the feedback the conversation that began in their venue continued for days, weeks, and even months. One week after your initial event, your attendees will be invited to an hour-long follow-up conversation. Its’ another opportunity to share feelings, thoughts, and observations; another opportunity for your community to connect online.

Tech Requirements

The minimal tech requirements for Just Cause: The Experience are likely already met by your infrastructure for online/distance learning or meetings within your organization.

Just Cause: The Experience is hosted on Zoom. You and your audience members must be able to access the Zoom platform.

You and your audience members each need a working webcam and microphone in order to participate in jury deliberations and post-show discussions.