Change Your Workplace Diversity Conversation.

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A diverse workforce measurably improves performance and profitability. Decades of research have demonstrated as much. But traditional corporate strategies to increase diversity have largely failed. Why? They emphasize control over collaboration and understanding.

Enter The Defamation Experience & Just Cause: The Experience. A new approach to advancing workplace diversity and inclusion. By exposing participants to their own and others’ biases in a civil and productive setting, our interactive diversity programming breaks down conversation barriers, allowing a new dialogue to begin. And now, you can bring this proven experience to your audience no matter where they’re located. Learn More

Both Experiential Programs can be performed in multiple settings and are appropriate for:

  • Company-Wide Lunch-and-Learns
  • Diversity & Inclusion Events
  • Leadership training seminars
  • C-Level/Senior Management Retreat
  • Off-Sites & Conferences

Seen by more than 150,000. 10 Years Running. Over 550 performances nationwide.

THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE was keynote for Diversity 3.0 Conference 2017 in Chicago, IL for The Society for Diversity


"THE PROGAM WAS EXTRAORDINARY AND CREATED AN ACTIVE DIALOGUE that is continuing over weeks and weeks after the performance. I commend The Defamation Experience as AN EFFECTIVE RESOURCE TO CREATE DIALOGUE TO BRIDGE THE RACIAL DIVIDE."

William H. “Smitty” Smith, Ed. D.

ounding Executive Director, National Center for Race Amity

"The cast members exhibited incredible talent and we were simply blessed to have had them in our city to present a theme on areas that are still relevant to our society today."

Shirley R. Tucker

Executive Director/Leadership Development, Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership

"THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE gently forced me to confront my own biases, whether conscious or unconscious. The format resonated instantly with me. I continue to tell others about this."

Dr. Karen Hills Pruden, DM, SPHR

Senior Manager, Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

"As a law enforcement officer, what I personally enjoyed was the discussion after the case was presented to the audience for a decision. To be able to hear what the attendees thoughts were. To see the difference in age groups and back grounds of the attendees, to have them share their comments in great detail for me was the best part. I have a better understanding of where my community is at and where through my work, I will be able to assist in helping my community in a direction for a healthier place to live."

Jim Hansen

RCPD Quality of Life Unit, Rapid City Police Department

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