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Unlike any other diversity program available, The Defamation Experience and Just Cause: The Experience offer a riveting courtroom drama, with a twist—your audience is the jury.

This theatrical experience will lift your students, faculty and staff out of their own life experiences, biases, and privilege, allowing them to relate to characters that differ in race, class, religion, and gender. And now, you can bring this proven experience to your audience no matter where they’re located with our fully virtual interactive programming. Learn More

Through the power of theater, our interactive diversity programming breaks barriers to self-examination allowing your audience to confront their own biases and engage in civil discourse, driving meaningful conversation that will last for days, weeks, and months.

"A powerful and thought-provoking evening."

Mark McCoy

President, DePauw University

"The Defamation Experience should be a part of any college curriculum; one of the most unique learning experiences that I have witnessed and participated in. It stays with you."

Phyllis A. H. Breland

Director, Opportunity Programs, Interim Director Diversity & Inclusion, Hamilton College

"For me personally, I find myself referencing The DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE, especially the post-show talkback. I find that especially in this climate that the visual/dramatization facilitates having difficult conversations. It opens up the door for more conversation, and allows one to see a bias from different perspectives without actually pointing a figure at one particular person."

Athelene A. Collins

Executive Director, Hofstra Cultural Center, Hofstra University

"THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE provides a safe space for the audience to grapple with hot-button and polarizing issues in a manner that is engaging, promotes self-reflection as attendees are confronted with the biases they carry and conducive to learning about others through the post show discussion. Attendees left THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE with an amplified understanding of biases and how they are attained as well as a greater understanding of the need to and importance of interrupting biases when they surface."

Annette Watters, M.A.Ed.

Diversity Outreach Project Manager, Purdue University

"This event was AMAZING! We were really impressed with the presentation. We are already looking for ways to collaborate again next year. THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE provides the audience with the opportunity to grapple internally with our own ideas about race, socioeconomic status, gender and other factors. The play and the guided discussion were incredible and left everyone in attendance with a new understanding of their own personal perceptions of our different categories of diversity."

Jamel A. Hodges, Ed. D.

Assistant Director, Multicultural Services and Programs (MSP), University of Georgia

"I think the Defamation Experience should be a required event for every college student in the US."

Marietta Watts

Executive Diversity Liaison, Office of Institutional Diversity, University of Kentucky

"Students and community members were compelled to grapple with both emotional and rational responses - learning about self and others in the dialogue. The conversation continued in the classroom and on social media. We return to the themes of the play as they ripple through our thoughts and our lives."

Claudia Guzman & Warren Scherer

Inclusive Excellence Center, University of Milwaukee


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